Finding Suburban Happiness In The Right Town

When it comes to finding a new home there is a lot more to consider than just the house itself. Finding the right town or community is just as important as square footage and number of bedrooms. The right house in the wrong town, will eventually end up becoming the wrong house if you aren’t comfortable with the neighborhood you’ve ended up in!  This plays such an important part in your suburban happiness that the New York Times just featured an article about it.

There are so many small towns in NJ, each with their own culture, downtown, school system, etc., that it can be tricky to find the vibe that best suits you and your family. So if you are new to New Jersey, new to suburbia, or just not very familiar with the area, here are some questions to ask and things to consider when contemplating a move to a new place.

– Is there a downtown?
– Is it a walking town?
– How far is town from the residential area?
– Can you walk to get a coffee, grab a slice, or take a yoga class? (This can be crucial for former city dwellers!)
– What kind of restaurants, entertainment, and shopping are available in town?

– Is there mass transit to city?
– What train/bus line is it on?
– What’s the real commute time?
– Are there transfers involved?
– How often/when is transportation available?

School System and Community
– Is there full day kindergarten?
– How close is the school to your home?
– How big / what is the population of the town?
– Whats the mindset of the town? Traditional, Liberal, etc?
– Is there a community center, library, etc?
– Are there parks and playgrounds close by?

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