Moving With Kids!

One of the most common reasons that people have for buying a new house is that their current home is too small! Especially for first time home buyers or families moving from the city, there just isn’t enough room for those little people and all the stuff (Read: Toys!!) that comes with them!  This info graphic from the National Association of Realtors lays out all the stats on families moving with kids!

Most notably (and possibly the most obvious,) is that 50% of all buyers with children under 18 years old said that the quality of the school districts is an important factor when purchasing a home. Additionally, buyers with kids, tended to purchase homes 2,100 sf or larger.

If you are tired of stepping over all of the stuff and are looking for a bit more space, this is a great area for kids! There are great schools, tons of playgrounds, and lots of nature to explore! Both Cranford and Westfield have walkable downtowns with family friendly activities, restaurants, and classes.

As a mom of two young kids myself, I know how challenging this process can be when you’ve got little ones tagging along with you. But if you cant find a sitter always feel free to bring the kids with! I’m used to stopping for diaper changes, snack breaks, or nap time!



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