Westfield International Film Fest

Looking for something different to do this weekend? Check out the Westfield Independent Film Festival! There will be screenings, parties, and events with cast members, plus its all happening at The James Ward Mansion! More info below, and details, schedule, and tickets can be found HERE.

“The Westfield International Film Festival (formerly Rahway International Film Festival), a Big Dreams and Silver Screens production, is a nonprofit film festival first founded in June of 2013 in an effort to create a warm and welcoming home for independent filmmakers and fans of film in New Jersey and the surrounding area. We annually showcase short films, feature films and music videos while offering seminars & networking opportunities to those interested in the film industry […] As a women-led film festival in a primarily male-dominated film industry and in keeping with our mission of equality, we seek to present an equal ratio of films created by male and female filmmakers (Director/Writer/Producer/DP) from around the world. We also present the annual “Woman in Film Award” to honor and celebrate women in the film industry who exemplify our definition of success.”

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