No School? No Problem! Presidents’ Day Edition.

Holidays are great! You get the day off from work. You get to sleep in. Relax. Maybe get some brunch… NOPE, just kidding! You have kids now. And they have the day off too! So Monday at 6am, when they wake you from a dream of the carefree days of your past life with questions of “What are we doing today?”  Here is a great answer for them!

Head over to this FREE Presidents’ Day event at The Woodland hosted by Maplewood Cultural Affairs. It features our favorite kid’s band, Michael and the Rockness! We know Michael from Preschool of Rock and our kids adore the songs! As a parent who is totally over all the Raffi, Elmo, and Paw Patrol songs, I really appreciate a cool take on kids music!  The event runs from 11am to 2pm.  No word yet on performance time(s), but once that info becomes available I will update this post.

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