Pre-Internet Real Estate Listings

In 2018, MLS is the center of our real estate world! But BTI (before the internet) our property listings were written on index cards and kept in the brokers office. I took a trip down memory lane for #throwbackthursday and dug through ye old filing cabinet. I came across this listing card for 35 Central Ave in Cranford. The house dates back to 1895 and this listing dates back to 1983. The asking price was $129,900 and it sold for $122,000! (For reference, in April of ’83 the mortgage rate was 12.78%) Earlier this summer, the house was recently on the market again at an asking price $799,000. So as the old adage says, real estate is the best investment! If you are looking for an investment of your own, are interested in buying, or selling, then check out my website

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