Cranford Theater Gets an Upgrade!

When moving out of the city, something I was curious about was access to movies of the non-blockbuster variety. You can see the likes of Wonder Woman and Despicable Me just about every three miles around here, but trying to find a movies like The Beguiled or Beatriz at Dinner, for example, can be something of a challenge. Luckily, right here in downtown Cranford, we have the Digiplex. Now, its not exactly the Angelika (a reference for the ex-nyc folks) but they do offer something other than the standard issue suburban theater. You can catch showings of the Opera, Ballet, and other special performances.

While it isn’t known for being the fanciest of movie theaters, the Cranford Theater is about the get a makeover. The Cranford Theatre and its sister theater, the Westfield Rialto, have recently been acquired by New Vision Theatres and they are planning an upgrade to both theaters over the next 12 months. According to TapInto, “New Vision Theatres, which is based in Westfield, acquired 17 theaters in total. They plan to maintain the individual character of each theater, which means a family-friendly selection in Westfield and an arthouse style in Cranford.” Looking forward to having more arthouse options close to home! That is if my kids ever let me out of the house!

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