That Suburban “Sweet Spot”

One of the biggest considerations for people when they are looking to move to a new town is the quality of the public schools. It was certainly one of our big concerns when we decided leave Brooklyn. There is often a correlation between the cost of real estate and how good the schools are.  Finding that “sweet spot,” as this New York Times article calls it, where you can get the best house for your money and still get your kids a quality education can be tricky. Luckily, they have already done the leg work for us and laid it all out in this handy info graphic.

To start, based on the info presented here which is price per square foot of real estate, and school quality in terms of grade level above or below average (sources detailed in the article), the “winner” is Mendham Township, NJ coming in at $159 per sq. foot and 3.4 grade levels above average. There are a LOT of towns on this graphic so I have pulled out some relevant points of interests for comparisons sake. We are not in any way qualifying the info presented here, and we definitely disagree with some of those commute times, but it is still worth looking at to see how different towns line up 


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